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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A short announcement...

I know that it`s probably not very nice to advertise somebody`s private blog, but this time it may be useful for you. On http://mylingvo.blogspot.com/ you will find a post which is about a nice tool of analyzing written texts. If you are interested in developing both your writing skills and methods of improving them, please have a look (the post written in Polish). 

My next post here will be a continuation of the article on sounds made by animals, so if you liked that one, please keep visiting Pleasure of English. 

And of course, on behalf of the whole PoE team, I wish everyone deep thoughts and a fruitful time on the occasion of All Saints` Day. But at the same time we wish you all a lot of fun derived from the lovely fact that today Halloween is being celebrated in almost all corners of the world!

Monday, October 29, 2012

[64] Three different stories...

... but... really different? In the present post I want to tell you three stories which will maybe change a little your perception of English... forever. Perhaps used gazillions of times per day by an average user of English, words such as "hello" and "OK" are probably the most frequent ones in the English language whatsoever. Have we ever thought for a while about where these words come from? If no, we`ve deprived ourselves of knowing immensely interesting stories of these words; their ups and downs and other linguistic adventures throughout centuries. Let`s then learn something about them now! 
Saturday, October 27, 2012

[63] Kursy językowe za granicą czyli co, jak i gdzie

Nurkowanie na Malcie, impreza na plaży w Miami, siatkówka plażowa w Sydney, nauka salsy w Hawanie, kurs gotowania w Kalabrii, nauka gry w piłkę w Londynie w klubie Chelsea, pomoc przy winobraniu we Francji, kurs niemieckiego w prawdziwym zamku...Te atrakcje stają się ważnym i nieodłącznym dodatkiem do nauki w szkole językowej za granicą gdyż w luźnej i przyjemnej atmosferze nauka przyswajana zostaje dużo szybciej a o to głównie chodzi w kursach językowych przecież.
Wednesday, October 17, 2012

[62] Further comments on motivation: the psycholinguistic perspective

We`ve already had two posts in the realm of psychology, both penned by Raszka. I thought that it would be a nice idea to shed some more light on motivation as a mental process. Those who got interested in what these posts were devoted to can possibly find some more interesting information in the present one. Enjoy!
Wednesday, October 3, 2012
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[61] Unreal past (I): wishes

Hello everyone! We have already greeted autumn (and thereby our schools, universities, teachers, lessons, courses and many more:)) so I think it`s time we dealt with some harder stuff. Again I hope that this post will not remain a single episode and I will manage to write a collection of posts which will all explain something that we know as unreal past in English. Today I am going to write a couple of words about the use of WISH with respect to unreal past.