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Recruitment is still open, so if you want to join us, visit page called "Join us".


Masz pomysł na kolejne notki? Potrzebujesz pomocy w jakimś zadaniu domowym czy projekcie z angielskiego? Masz jakiś tekst do przetłumaczenia? Pisz w komentarzu, a my postaramy się pomóc.

Any ideas about topics for articles? Or maybe you need help with something? Write in the comment, we will try to help you.

Dotychczas zgłoszone i jak dotąd niezrealizowane propozycje:

1. Ciekawostki językowe (np.slang)
2. Brytyjska literatura i historia
3. Porównanie dialektów
4. Słownictwo potrzebne do opisu różnych budowli
5. Phrasal verbs
6. Dialogi
7. Cyferki (chodzi mi tu głównie o wymowę i odczytywanie takich wyrażeń jak 2.5; 1,200,000; 3/13)
8. Ciekawe miejsca na świecie


  1. W wakacje jadę na obóz językowy i chciałabym Was poprosić o post, w którym znalazłyby się najczęściej używane zwroty, dotyczące szukania jakiegoś miejsca, pamiątek itp.

  2. Anonimowy, 20.05 ukaże się post z takimi zwrotami, wypatruj go i w razie czego napisz dokładnie, czego oczekujesz! Pozdrawiam,

  3. I can't see if it is already offered, but you can write about life in English speaking countries like England or USA.
    You can also describe how you started to learning English, when, why and where you use it now?

    1. Suspendisse has written a few posts about life in Britain, but they're all in Polish. Unfortunately I have no contact with her now. She doesn't respond to my messages and I don't know what is actually going on. She is the only person among our team who lives in Britain, so for others it would be difficult to write about this without even being in the UK ever(like me).

      If it comes to your second proposal, I think it's a good idea. Maybe everyone of us will write own paragraph and we will put them in one post. What do you think, my dear authors? :)

  4. Can I ask you for a favor?
    I'm going to apply to Aberstwyth University (though I still have two years to decide) for psychology or maybe media and communication studies. Anyway, both of them require a little knowledge about psychological terms. I know a lot about it, but only in polish. If I want to study in Wales I should start study right now, but for the end of July I won't be able to do some research by myself. Help, please? I think that this topic will be interesting for lots of your readers too.

    1. Are you interested specifically in psychology or also behaviourism? I happen to know a whole lot words connected with psychology, terms or phrases that might be useful for you, so I can prepare it for you if you want? But the post would show up around August.
      Wales is a great choice by the way, it's a beautiful country that I am going to visit again this year :)

    2. Everything connected to psychology, behaviourism and sociology would be fine, since all of them are connected with each other. Thanks. ^^
      I have never been to Wales, so I'm a little bit scared, but also very excited when I think about living in unknown country. If I won't be able to study in Aber... God, I'll be crying so hard. XD Anyway, polish universities aren't bad, but still...

    3. Then expect the post around August.
      Don't be scared, travelling shapes your character, you collect life experience and have a chance to do something fun - I can say that from my own experience:)
      You said you're applying in 2 years, right? You probably haven't digged into application process, like UCAS or personal statements yet, but if you were interested, I could also prepare a post about it?

  5. Chciałabym zaproponować temat związany ze sportem. :) Np. słownictwo używane na treningach.

    1. Nie ma problemu, post będzie gotowy :) Jakieś preferencje co do np dyscypliny? Bo to jednak bardzo obszerny temat.